Another landing at JSI, made however by the last Airbus of Olympic Air, an airline which as Olympic Airlines went through DC-3s, DC-6s, MD80s, 707s, 727s, 747s, A340s and many more historical airliners. Watch this truly rare piece of airplane spotting, rare heads-on runway 20 departure, rotating just in front of you and passing over your head!
"Cockpit" and "Skiathos" are two words we love: here they are combined! Enjoy a scenic approach and an interesting spot landing on Skiathos rwy 20, filmed from the cockpit of a 737!
Alexandros Papadiamantis Airport

Latitude    :   39.1771011
Longitude :   23.5037003
Altitude:        54ft / 16m

Time Zone : Europe/Athens (GMT +3:00)

Runway : 5341 ft / 1628m

World Area Code : 433
Type :                    Medium
Airport Type :        Public

Tel :                       +30 2427 029100